Peace of Christ to you!

You’ve just been passed the peace! Many Sundays we’ll take a moment to do what is called “Passing the Peace,” which is speaking a blessing to one another. We say things like, “The peace of Christ with you.” And then respond, “And with you.”

As a visitor of this site, we wish you all peace as you go about your daily work and play. For the world we pray peace in all times of conflict and suffering.



~We have some Easter Sunday photos on the “Having Some Fun” page, but not enough… if you have some, please email them to Todd!

~We have a cool service opportunity coming up in April! We’re going to pitch in with the Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Spring “Baby Shower” by collecting diapers for needful families. Let’s get premies, newborns and small sizes. Starting this Sunday we’ll have a big box in the foyer to collect those diapers, and on April 10 we’ll combine them with collections from around our community and they will benefit families through the National Center for Children and Families and A Wider Circle. So, we have two Sundays to get the diapers and get them up to the building!

~If you don’t receive the weekly prayer list, just send me an email and I’ll add you to the list!




“Grace and peace be yours in abundance
through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.”
2 Peter 1.2