Prayers of the People

Every Sunday we’ll have a special time called Prayers of the People in which everyone is welcome to share both celebrations of what God is doing in lives and concerns that need to be lifted to God’s good grace.

If you come to worship, we invite you to be a part of the Prayers of the People. We write down both the celebrations and concerns each week and send them in an email to our congregation for them to remember in pray throughout the week. If you visit, be sure and leave us your contact, specifically your email, and you can be a part of this vital prayer exercise.

There are also some good online resources for prayer:

At gratefulness.com, among many other things, you have an opportunity to compose a prayer and light a virtual candle. We often, though not always, have a Church in Bethesda group (click here!) which keeps our candles all together for us share in prayer and meditation.

the prayer lava lamp
This is a fun exercise in which you can take a rising bubble out of an online lava lamp, insert a prayer, and then launch the prayer back into the lamp to continue its ascent.

Our church family values its time in prayer as a dynamic connection to God and one another. We aren’t doing anything “magical,” just keeping hold on the presence of God. You’re invited to join us in that endeavor.

Sacred Space – Daily Prayer Online
This simple site is hosted by a group of Irish Jesuits who would help lead you through daily prayers based upon Ignatian contemplation and meditation.

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