Some of our story…

2004 to Today…

In October 2004, two groups of people came together to form the Church In Bethesda. One group was a small congregation from the Bethesda First Baptist Church. This congregation had been in Bethesda for 70 years but, was finding itself in decline, was unable to maintain its property and be active in the neighborhood of Bethesda. The other group of younger members and leaders came from a nearby congregation, Cedar Ridge Community Church, in the hope of partnering with Bethesda First Baptist to serve the needs of the people of Bethesda as an inter-generational, socially conscious, and spiritually committed church: to be Christ’s hands and feet to each other and to the world around us.

Two years after the restart, the still young Church in Bethesda entered into a year of transition as both pastors and most of the ministry team resigned. Heroic efforts on the part of the remaining staff and laity kept the building standing and congregation functioning through a national pastor search and the normal ups and downs of such a transition period.

Today the congregation has hired a new pastor and entered into a time of rebuilding the pool of gifts and abilities within the church family to begin again a focus of service in the world. The tagline of this website captures it well, to be “followers of Christ and good neighbors in the world.” This is what we are doing, deepening our understanding and love of God in Jesus Christ and striving after humble service to the world all around us.

Some Other details…

  • The Bethesda First Baptist Church built their first sanctuary, still open at our current campus, in 1940. Another, larger sanctuary and educational wing was built within only twenty years.
  • Our congregation is a part of the DC Baptist Convention. This does not mean that we must believe or teach anything determined by the convention, or that we intentionally stand aloof from other Christian church associations like our brothers and sisters in Episcopal, Methodist, Lutheran or Catholic churches. It means that we value constructive connections with others and continue to honor our Baptist roots.
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